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TheWidgeteers.com is an internet marketing company that serves the needs of webmasters all over the world, by providing them with guaranteed traffic to their websites at very affordable prices.
Make us your marketing partner and we will help your website become a super success. What we do is literally lead potential customers to your door!! Let us know how many visitors you need and how you want them targeted, and we will deliver them to you. Our services are guaranteed - we even provide you with 3rd party stats.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us anytime!

We sell high quality traffic from various sources and if wanted from worlwide sources.  We have Niche targeted non-adult GEO targeted traffic, NICHE TARGETED GEO-TARGETED PAY PER CLICK TRAFFIC, U.S. STATE AND NICHE TARGETED TRAFFIC and NICHE TARGETED NON-ADULT GLOBAL TRAFFIC,NICHE TARGETED GLOBAL TRAFFIC,NICHE TARGETED USA MOBILE TRAFFIC, NICHE TARGETED GLOBAL/WORLDWIDE MOBILE TRAFFIC,GLOBAL OR GEO-TARGETED ADULT TRAFFIC.  These forms of traffic can be effective in marketing your site.  Buying traffic is the quickest way to get visitors to your site.  You don't have to deal with Search engines or submitting your website to link directories.  You get exactly what you pay for...READ MORE 

Niche Targeted non-adult Geo-Targeted Traffic All regions  
Traffic Price  
1,000 guaranteed visitors 6.95

5,000 guaranteed visitors 17.95

10,000 guaranteed visitors 31.95

20,000 guaranteed visitors 55.95

25,000 guaranteed visitors 69.95

50,000 guaranteed visitors 139.95

100,000 guaranteed visitors 276.95

Niche Targeted Geo-Targeted Pay Per Click Traffic  
Traffic Price  
500 guaranteed clicks 19.95

1,000 guaranteed visitors 39.95

2,000 guaranteed visitors 78.95

3,000 guaranteed visitors 119.95

5,000 guaranteed visitors 195.95

10,000 guaranteed visitors 379.95

Niche Targeted & U.S. State-Targeted Traffic  
Traffic Price  
1,000 U.S. State targeted visitors 11.95

5,000 U.S. State targeted visitors 46.95

10,000 U.S. State targeted visitors 87.95

20,000 U.S. State targeted visitors 159.95

25,000 U.S. State targeted visitors 179.95

50,000 U.S. State targeted visitors 279.95

100,000 U.S. State targeted visitors 519.95

Niche Targeted non-adult Global Traffic  
Traffic Price  
1,000 guaranteed visitors 4.95

5,000 guaranteed visitors 7.95

10,000 guaranteed visitors 15.95

20,000 guaranteed visitors 31.95

25,000 guaranteed visitors 39.95

50,000 guaranteed visitors 79.95

100,000 guaranteed visitors 159.95

Niche Targeted Global Traffic (ONE POPUP TRAFFIC)  
Requirement: One Javascript prompt OR one additional popup window  
Traffic Price  
1,000 guaranteed one popup visitors 11.95

5,000 guaranteed one popup visitors 38.95

10,000 guaranteed one popup visitors 75.95

20,000 guaranteed one popup visitors 142.95

25,000 guaranteed one popup visitors 159.95

50,000 guaranteed one popup visitors 283.95

100,000 guaranteed one popup visitors 479.95

Traffic Price  
1,000 guaranteed visitors 14.95

5,000 guaranteed visitors 54.95

10,000 guaranteed visitors 79.95

20,000 guaranteed visitors 146.95

25,000 guaranteed visitors 179.95

50,000 guaranteed visitors 299.95

100,000 guaranteed visitors 519.95

Traffic Price  
1,000 guaranteed visitors 9.95

5,000 guaranteed visitors 38.95

10,000 guaranteed visitors 71.95

20,000 guaranteed visitors 134.95

25,000 guaranteed visitors 147.95

50,000 guaranteed visitors 259.95

100,000 guaranteed visitors 439.95

Traffic Price  
1,000 guaranteed visitors 18.95

5,000 guaranteed visitors 38.95

10,000 guaranteed visitors 66.95

20,000 guaranteed visitors 118.95

25,000 guaranteed visitors 179.95

50,000 guaranteed visitors 238.95

100,000 guaranteed visitors 399.95



When choosing targeted traffic, choose among the following categories:
Advertising Books Cosmetics Finance Golf Kids
Agriculture Building Costumes Fitness Government Loans
Animals Business Dance Fishing Hair Magazines
Antiques Candles Debt Fights Health Money 
Arts Candies Diet Flowers History Mortgage
Astronomy Charity Domain Names Food Home Business Music
Auctions Children Education Free Stuff Horoscope News
Auto Rental Clipart Employment Friends Humor Personals
Autos Clothes Entertainment Furniture Income Pets
Babies Comics Family Games Insurance Real Estate
Beauty Computers Farming Geneology Jewelry Science
Boats Cooking Fashion Gifts Jobs Sports


Why choose us?

We are simply the best quality traffic resellers for the price, we always send quality website traffic at the most competitive rates possible with the fastest service and absolutely no hidden fees. Your campaign will go live within 24 hours, but in most cases, much faster and last 30 days or less.

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